My Thoughts on Nintendo

3 02 2009

The Wii. Something I don’t have. Something you can buy me if you go to the donate page and click my Amazon Wishlist. Something that Nintendo put a lot of thought into. The virtual console, from what I’ve seen of it, is a REALLY good idea. If you like Mario games, you will love it. Sonic. You’ll love it. StarFox, you’ll love it. If you love most of Nintendo’s games now, then you’ll love the virtual console. It may not be cheap. It’s 5 dollars or so for one game, but I think it’s SO worth it. I haven’t played it, BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE A WII (buy me one!) but I would expect it would be really cool. I am a person for old games. I love ’em. Donkey Kong, Mario, Sonic, etc, etc. I love them to death. I have only played them once in a while, but they’re cool. Play the virtual console. You won’t be disappointed. I think. I’m not sure.


The Wii’s Controller. Something I don’t have. If I had a Wii, I might have a few. There are many things you can do with the WiiMote. One thing I would probably do with it is use it as………………….. a WiiMote! Yup. I think that the idea of the Wii is wonderful. Buy me one. The WiiMote’s motion sensor is good. Buy me a Wii.

The N64. Another thing I don’t have. Or want. But if I did, I know EXACTLY what I’m doing with it. I would immediatly get all of the games that I love. Then, after I got my fix of Nintendo-i goodness, I would turn it into a portable. If you have a N64 here’s what you need to do. Buy a Wii or 360 for me. Then, go to and look up “Nintendo 64 Portable”. You’ll find what you’re looking for.

Thanks for your time. This probably wasn’t a very good article, but you can go give yourself some food. Yup. Thanks, bye.

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Why Portables PHAIL

1 02 2009

Portables PHAIL. Bad. Sorry, but they do.

I love the IDEA of portables, but the way they execute it, is just not too cool. If I were Sony, Nintendo, or maybe even Microsoft, I would take a different approach. I would actually have included disks (Nintendo) and I wouldn’t have made the disk so off beat (Sony). I would have made it as Ben Heck has done. A laptop, made for a console device.. Whothought of it? Who SHOULD have thought of it. (My mind points to Ben Heck, and then Sony/Nintendo, respectively) They should have included a screen, and maybe not as EXPENSIVE hardware.. I would not have included a HDD, but rather use a Memory Stick, like Sony did. Nintendo’s idea of the little cartridgesis soo stupid. Saving to a disk, rather than the device itself. I mean, if you drop the device into water, and buy a new one, your saves aren’t gone, cool, but it should either be an option, or it should automatically do both. Whatever, done ranting.

If you’ve never heard of Ben, then you are a sick, deprived, being, who should go immediately, open a new tab, and go to Seriously. Or, search in Google for “Xbox 360 Laptop Ben Heck” or maybe “PlayStation 3 Laptop Engadget”. Read up on that.

When you are about to waste your time and money buying a portable, go ahead. I really don’t care… but if you’re smart, you’d get yourself some reading glasses, an Xbox 360, and some other stuff I forget, and head over to Ben Heck’s articles on his site, they include instructions on building your own laptop. Or get yourself a Wii, etc and do the same thing. Or maybe even be experimental and rich, and send me an Xbox 360 (contact me using the contact button on the side bar), then buy a PS3, a nice HD screen, a couple controllers, a soldering iron, a desoldering tool, some brains, and maybe a coffee or two, depending on the time of day, and make yourself up one of those there PS3 laptops that Ben Heck made, sold, and donated the money to charity. You either can have a nice system, or some serious cash (Sell for a profit, and pay for itself, and one for you, and me, ofcourse)

Well, if you want to see how BAD portables PHAIL, then go ahead and buy yourself one. The only, and I mean ONLY reason I still have mine is because my cousin (she’s little) has a DS, and I like playing together with her, and because they both are sooo easy to hack to make them run homebrew. Otherwise, I’d either send one your way, or I’d sell it to buy myself an XBOX360 or a Wii, so I can start reviewing and suggesting things for/about them ** HINT HINT ** (COUGH) Buy me one of those, contact me using the button on the right(COUGH) ** HINT HINT ** /endhinting

If you ever have any questions, dilemmas, donations, 360s or Wiis that you can give me (I already have a PS3), want to become a writer, want to post your ad on my site, or anything else you may need, please, oh I beg you, contact me using the contact button on the right! Have a great day, love, K-lup.

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Why I Love the PS3 and Think You Should Get One, Too.

1 02 2009

Are you new to the PlayStation World? If you are, or even if you aren’t, there may be a few things you don’t know about the PlayStation 3!

You know how you think, “Hm.. that’s not fair, I don’t have that many friends that HAVE PlayStation 3s, they all have 360s. Maybe I should get one of those,” well, don’t, just because they have them, they more than likely don’t have Xbox Live, and if they do, you also have to have it. In my opinion it is just too much for Live, so that’s why I didn’t get an XBOX360, apposed to the PS3.  It has free online. People say it’s not as good as Live, but it is, because more people play because it’s free. Take COD4:Modern Warfare. On the 360, it has awesome online play, because it has tons of people, but the PSN (PlayStation Network, for you non-PlayStation people) has a lot of fun people, who add you and teach you everything you need to know in COD4, for example.  If you need to contact me on the PSN, or just wanna have plain old fun, add me, my PSN name is MeisCaleb. I’m on usually after 4:30 PM central, and on most of the time over the weekends.


Games. LittleBigPlanet is probably one of the most AWESOME exclusives ever. Seriously. The story is quick, but there are MANY community levels, made by people like you. (by many I mean about a million, heh)

Crazily enough, I have NEVER played the Metal Gear series. For real.. I can’t believe it, but I’m not rich. If anyone wants to donate one, I’m open. Maybe even Number 1 through 4. Either way, if you want to help a kid in need, just comment and I’ll be just ready to accept that good ol’ game. Okay, onto the next thing.

If you have a ton of XBOX Games, then no, don’t go out and buy a PS3, but if you have a ton of PS2/PSX games, make sure you get the Playstation 3 that is BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE!! I can not stress this enough. You can NOT play previous games with the Playstation 3’s from the stores! I got one at the store, and now I can’t play my old games.. That’s okay though, as I still have my PS2. Just don’t go trading in your PS2 unless you buy the backwards compatible PS3. I think it’s worth it to get B/C, because then you don’t have to deal with additional systems. That’s enough for that, don’t you think?

Video playback. In my opinion, the PS3 video playback is spectacular. Don’t, I will say it again, DON’T, convert your files. Just use a media server. If you use Nero MediaHome, it transcodes it on the fly, making for a really nice, quality movie. There are free ways of doing so, but I don’t want to get into the legal stuff, so.. Look it up on Google or something.

Music playback. Exactly the same as the video playback section. It is really nice. You can stream it from your computer to your PS3 and have it sound nice, taking NO space on your HDD.

Well, I think this is about it for today’s article. Come see me next time and see what I’ll bringya.

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